Baffins Brewers

The Brewers are the original blue print of how a new team is created from all new players. Established in 2011, the Brewers go from strength to strength with the right formula of keeping the core group of players together.
Year Established:
Team Captain:
Home Field: 
League Titles:
Other Titles:
Mike Doe
Tangiers Field
Lastball '14 plate winners. Friendliest team Diffodil Tournament '12,
Bristoll DD '11 plate runners up
Sarah Cole

Anna Bing

Sheila Chubb

Liz Clarke

Sarah Cormack

Lee Culshaw
Mike Doe

Brian Herbert

Charlotte Morgan

Alex Paoli
Adrian Hodges​

Rich Lovie

Mike Smith

Paula Patu Pasanen

Russ Percy
Joanne Small

Sarah Smith

Zoey Williams