Hall of Fame

The Solent Softball League Hall of Fame was set up to mark the League's 10th anniversary in 2005. Each year, at the culmination of the end-of-season awards, a member of the league is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The inducted individuals below, in the view of their softballing peers, have played an important part in the league, as well as show prowess out on the field.

Andy Burgess


A veteran of the very first indoor sessions that led to the formation of the League back in 1995. "Beefy" Burgess has enjoyed many successes both as a player, coach, tournament organiser and Committee member. He was awarded the ‘Glover Cup’ by the British Softball Federation back in 2006 for his continuing services to softball in the UK.

Alan Medland


Originally from Calgary in Canada, Alan was a local baseball veteran who switched to softball upon hearing about the creation of the Solent League. Since that time he has won many awards both as a player and coach with his treasured Dodgers team he helped to form back in 1995.

Graham Cooper


After catching the softball bug, Coops took on the formidable task of forming his own team, the Britax Bruisers, who were a competitive force within the League in the late 90’s. Graham went onto become the Leagues very own  ‘fixtures guru’ and continued to do so until the end of the 19th season.

Nigel Davies


Nigel remains the Solent Leagues most successful coach after leading his Dolphin team to four consecutive League titles (2000-2003). He was also a guiding force in the creation of the successful Solent Mariners club back in 2004. After moving to the head of the OAP's, Nigel enjoyed success with another four titles in a row for the Southampton based team.

Chris O'Connor


The man who quite simply started it all! It was Chris who first had the idea of organising some indoor training sessions and then seeing if there would be any interest in creating a local League. He took on the role of the 1st ever League Chairman and also became one of the first local players to train as an official BASU umpire.

Beverley Wilson


Another veteran of the original 1995 indoor sessions, Bev has enjoyed many years playing behind home plate for her beloved Sharks team and in that time has become one of the most experienced catchers in the League.

Johnny Heather


Johnny was another baseballer who made the transition to softball back in the late 1990’s. Since then he has been a leading force in advancing the level of coaching within the League. He has also enjoyed considerable success ‘prowling’ the outfield for the Solent Mariners.

Glen Barber


Glen became the first ever Solent player to make it into the GB squad during his time as a player with the Dolphins team. He was an integral part of the Dolphins many League titles and also worked hard to help give the Solent Mariners some of their earliest victories.

Bryan Barry


Bryan has been a guiding light for softball in Southampton, helping the Dolphins to back to back championships, and then the same with the OAPs after a few years away from the league with the Solent Mariners tournament team. Bryan also coaches at the Southampton training sessions and is a font of knowledge for any softball player regardless of years playing.

Tracy Robinson


Tracy has been in the league for a long time and only played for her beloved Dodgers. She is a well loved member of the league and has helped bring through many players into tournament teams and run many of those teams to victory, including the Dodgers gold Nationals win in 2016. Tracy is always there to help any player with any help they need.

Will Taylor


Will started out in the league playing for the Sluggers and Dodgers before picking up a coaching role with the early Brewers. After a move to the Itchen Knicks, he enjoyed back to back season wins retaining the title. Will became League chairman and presided over 4 years that saw the participation numbers increase, necessitating the increase to three divisions.

Bev Brockway


Nicola Puckett


Nicola joined the league in 1999 after the Shafters approached her in the Students' Union; her first game was the very next day! Since then, she has moved onto play for the Knicks and the Mariners, regularly playing in tournaments around the country and over in Guernsey, even joining up with the GB squad in 2007 for several games. Nicola won the Nationals Gold Title with the Dodgers in 2016.

David Morris


Ed Wakeman 09/08/1978  - 23/06/2018


Ed started playing softball in 2012 after coming along to some indoor beginners’ sessions. He joined the Southsea Sharks for the start of that summer season and quickly became a regular face in their weekly line-ups for the next six years.
Ed was a great example of the whole ethic behind the entire Solent Softball League - we are a recreational & inclusive sport that anyone can have a go at! Even those people with just a rudimentary grasp of the game have an equal opportunity to play just as much as those who end up competing at the very highest levels.